Shawn Baybutt

name Shawn Baybutt is an outdoorsman, traveler, and avid hiker. He enjoys a host of outdoor recreational activities and sports along with traveling the world. By day he is a mild mannered manager of a fishing lodge, but in his off time, Shawn Baybutt can be found enjoying hiking, watching hockey, or planning another travel adventure to some exotic location. Over his many years of hiking, he has crossed through and over some of the best long distance Canadian trails, one time spending four days on the Juan de Fuca Trail and eight days on the West Coast Trail. For anyone out there interested in exploring the beautiful western reaches of Canada, there is no better place than the west coast of Vancouver Island. A true iron man, Shawn Baybutt has also endured a 97 kilometer hike over ten days through the remote arctic trail of Akshayuk Pass in Auyuittiq National Park on Baffin Island.

Shawn Baybutt is also a noted traveler, spending his time exploring other countries. On a trip to the ancient land of Egypt, he saw the sphinx, pyramids, Abu Simbel, and Luxor. With a stop to the Red Sea, he went on a SCUBA trip to see the Blue Hole, Eel Garden, the Lighthouse and Ras Abu Gallum. Shawn Baybutt has also traveled to another exotic land, Nepal, the home of the Himalayas. There he went on a 15 day expedition of the Kumbhu region in the shadow of Mount Everest. On his last trip, Shawn visited the fastest growing nation today, India. He learned firsthand how the culture there is assimilating their new found explosion in development and technology. Add places like Israel, China, Mexico, the United States and England to his passport. Overall, Shawn Baybutt has taken the time to explore and appreciate our planet's many diverse cultures and landscapes.

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